Go Away Dick


Great and we thought he finally went away.  Well, the “Big Dick” Cheney is back making the rounds trumping up his own perverted brand of wisdom and basically trying to scare John Q Public again.

Today on Politico.com he asserted that we would experience another WMD, Al Qaeda terrorist attempt at creating yet another catastrophic nuclear or biological attack! And all because this country is rejecting Bush Policy.  He also pontificates that “Protecting the country’s security is “a tough, mean, dirty, nasty business,”

Lets see…….  Under the leaky umbrella of Bush’s Policy, the rest world a) hated us b) wanted to destroy us c) cursed us and lit effigies on fire any chance they could and of course d) HATED US!  Because under Bush Policy it was okay to torture, imprison, start wars and drop bombs on weddings because we were being dirty, or tough or nasty.

I think we, and the world, has had enough of Bush’s well thought out policy and basically Big Dick needs to wheel himself off to write his memoirs that will be published right up there with OJs “If I Did It”.


King Blaggo??


Patti’s Honey-Do List

  • Get indicted on conspiracy to sell a Senatorial seat….   Check!
  • Deny everything, even though I am on tape….Check!
  • Go to the office for the first time in two years….Check!
  • Bring new political meaning to Bleeping Wrigley Field….Check!
  • Buy a puppy…..   Check!
  • Appoint a replacement for the Senate seat even though NO ONE in the Illinois Senate will seat my pick….Check!
  • Get measured for King’s outfit…..DOUBLE CHECK!!!

And the Political Penguins Start To March


John Harris, Blaggo’s Chief of Staff resigned this morning, his lawyer said.  Harris dropped off his letter of resignation today in person and will not be going back to the office, according to his lawyer, Terry Ekl.

The body exit is a bit like the March of the Penguins but in that respect, I think Penguins are nicer and probably more honest…. 

So Jesse Jr??  When are you going to defect?

Out Dammed Blaggo, Out!


There has been quite a bit of fussin’ about Patti Blagojevich being this generation’s Lady Macbeth because she has had her star turn in the latest Govo-Blago mess!  See Washington Post’s turn of the screw HERE

Now, we all swear.  Some of us drop the occasional F-bomb as well but come on!  Is Patti dipping into the narcissitic pool her hubby has been bathing in?  Did she really think that “investigation” only meant at his office? Ya need to keep the ole F-bombs from dropping in the public eye or in this case ears even though you think that you are too insulated in your husband’s dream world.  You were vulnerable Patts and showed a bit of your ugly side.

Instead of washing out the “dammed” spot, she should chew on a bar of Irish Springs and encourage her Macbeth to step down.

Uncle Lenny is Outta the Basement Again!


Uncle Lenny has come out of the basement again!  You know Uncle Lenny?  He is the crazy relative that we all tried to hide out of sight but soon enough he shambles out of the basement in his wife beater t-shirt, drunk and embarrasses us all.


Well Governor Blagojevich is the State of Illinois’ Uncle Lenny.  Today he was arrested on numerous counts with the most obviously stupid one of trying to “sell” the senate seat vacated by Obama for supreme ass kissing and maybe a job or two thrown in for him and wifey.  See full report HERE


 Another charge is strong arming the Chicago Tribune to fire certain board members that disagreed with Blago and said nasty things about him.  Well, I do know Sam Zell, owner of the Tribune from working at Equity Properties and I find it hard to believe that he would be as “sensistive” to Blago’s innumerable smarmy charms as Rod-O believes. Sam is one mean, ole biker boy and he was probably chomping at the bit to release that bit of pertinent information to the press.


So Uncle Lenny is out to embarrass us again.  At least we can be assured that this time good ole Len has better hair!


The Ugly New McCain By Richard Cohen
Wednesday, September 17, 2008;

Following his loss to George W. Bush in the 2000 South Carolina primary, John McCain did something extraordinary: He confessed to lying about how he felt about the Confederate battle flag, which he actually abhorred. “I broke my promise to always tell the truth,” McCain said. Now he has broken that promise so completely that the John McCain of old is unrecognizable. He has become the sort of politician he once despised.

The precise moment of McCain’s abasement came, would you believe, not at some news conference or on one of the Sunday shows but on “The View,” the daytime TV show created by Barbara Walters. Last week, one of the co-hosts, Joy Behar, took McCain to task for some of the ads his campaign has been running. One deliberately mischaracterized what Barack Obama had said about putting lipstick on a pig — an Americanism that McCain himself has used. The other asserted that Obama supported teaching sex education to kindergarteners.

“We know that those two ads are untrue,” Behar said. “They are lies.”

Freeze. Close in on McCain. This was the moment. He has largely been avoiding the press. The Straight Talk Express is now just a brand, an ad slogan like “Home Cooking” or “We Will Not Be Undersold.” Until then, it was possible for McCain to say that he had not really known about the ads, that the formulation “I approve this message” was just boilerplate. But he didn’t.

“Actually, they are not lies,” he said.

Actually, they are.

McCain has turned ugly. His dishonesty would be unacceptable in any politician, but McCain has always set his own bar higher than most. He has contempt for most of his colleagues for that very reason: They lie. He tells the truth. He internalizes the code of the McCains — his grandfather, his father: both admirals of the shining sea. He serves his country differently, that’s all — but just as honorably. No more, though.

I am one of the journalists accused over the years of being in the tank for McCain. Guilty. Those doing the accusing usually attributed my feelings to McCain being accessible. This is the journalist-as-puppy school of thought: Give us a treat, and we will leap into a politician’s lap.

Not so. What impressed me most about McCain was the effect he had on his audiences, particularly young people. When he talked about service to a cause greater than oneself, he struck a chord. He expressed his message in words, but he packaged it in the McCain story — that man, beaten to a pulp, who chose honor over freedom. This had nothing to do with access. It had to do with integrity.

McCain has soiled all that. His opportunistic and irresponsible choice of Sarah Palin as his political heir — the person in whose hands he would leave the country — is a form of personal treason, a betrayal of all he once stood for. Palin, no matter what her other attributes, is shockingly unprepared to become president. McCain knows that. He means to win, which is all right; he means to win at all costs, which is not.

At a forum last week at Columbia University, McCain said, “But right now we have to restore trust and confidence in government.” This was always the promise of John McCain, the single best reason to vote for him. America has been cheated on too many times — the lies of Vietnam and Watergate and Iraq. So many lies. Who believes that in Afghanistan last month, only five civilians were killed by the American military in an airstrike, instead of the approximately 90 claimed by the Afghan government? Not me. I first gave up on the military during Vietnam and then again when it covered up the death of Pat Tillman, the Army Ranger and former NFL player who was killed in 2004 by friendly fire.

McCain was going to fix all that. He was going to look the American people in the eyes and say, not me. I will not lie to you. I am John McCain, son and grandson of admirals. I tell the truth.

But Joy Behar knew better. And so McCain lied about his lying and maybe thinks that if he wins the election, he can — as he did in South Carolina — renounce who he was and what he did and resume his old persona. It won’t work. Karl Marx got one thing right — what he said about history repeating itself. Once is tragedy, a second time is farce. John McCain is both.

The Ugly New McCain By Richard Cohen
Wednesday, September 17, 2008;

The Ballad of Sarah Palin

A Jaunty Little Tune! I will be humming it all day!