Go Away Dick


Great and we thought he finally went away.  Well, the “Big Dick” Cheney is back making the rounds trumping up his own perverted brand of wisdom and basically trying to scare John Q Public again.

Today on Politico.com he asserted that we would experience another WMD, Al Qaeda terrorist attempt at creating yet another catastrophic nuclear or biological attack! And all because this country is rejecting Bush Policy.  He also pontificates that “Protecting the country’s security is “a tough, mean, dirty, nasty business,”

Lets see…….  Under the leaky umbrella of Bush’s Policy, the rest world a) hated us b) wanted to destroy us c) cursed us and lit effigies on fire any chance they could and of course d) HATED US!  Because under Bush Policy it was okay to torture, imprison, start wars and drop bombs on weddings because we were being dirty, or tough or nasty.

I think we, and the world, has had enough of Bush’s well thought out policy and basically Big Dick needs to wheel himself off to write his memoirs that will be published right up there with OJs “If I Did It”.


King Blaggo??


Patti’s Honey-Do List

  • Get indicted on conspiracy to sell a Senatorial seat….   Check!
  • Deny everything, even though I am on tape….Check!
  • Go to the office for the first time in two years….Check!
  • Bring new political meaning to Bleeping Wrigley Field….Check!
  • Buy a puppy…..   Check!
  • Appoint a replacement for the Senate seat even though NO ONE in the Illinois Senate will seat my pick….Check!
  • Get measured for King’s outfit…..DOUBLE CHECK!!!

And the Political Penguins Start To March


John Harris, Blaggo’s Chief of Staff resigned this morning, his lawyer said.  Harris dropped off his letter of resignation today in person and will not be going back to the office, according to his lawyer, Terry Ekl.

The body exit is a bit like the March of the Penguins but in that respect, I think Penguins are nicer and probably more honest…. 

So Jesse Jr??  When are you going to defect?

Out Dammed Blaggo, Out!


There has been quite a bit of fussin’ about Patti Blagojevich being this generation’s Lady Macbeth because she has had her star turn in the latest Govo-Blago mess!  See Washington Post’s turn of the screw HERE

Now, we all swear.  Some of us drop the occasional F-bomb as well but come on!  Is Patti dipping into the narcissitic pool her hubby has been bathing in?  Did she really think that “investigation” only meant at his office? Ya need to keep the ole F-bombs from dropping in the public eye or in this case ears even though you think that you are too insulated in your husband’s dream world.  You were vulnerable Patts and showed a bit of your ugly side.

Instead of washing out the “dammed” spot, she should chew on a bar of Irish Springs and encourage her Macbeth to step down.

Uncle Lenny is Outta the Basement Again!


Uncle Lenny has come out of the basement again!  You know Uncle Lenny?  He is the crazy relative that we all tried to hide out of sight but soon enough he shambles out of the basement in his wife beater t-shirt, drunk and embarrasses us all.


Well Governor Blagojevich is the State of Illinois’ Uncle Lenny.  Today he was arrested on numerous counts with the most obviously stupid one of trying to “sell” the senate seat vacated by Obama for supreme ass kissing and maybe a job or two thrown in for him and wifey.  See full report HERE


 Another charge is strong arming the Chicago Tribune to fire certain board members that disagreed with Blago and said nasty things about him.  Well, I do know Sam Zell, owner of the Tribune from working at Equity Properties and I find it hard to believe that he would be as “sensistive” to Blago’s innumerable smarmy charms as Rod-O believes. Sam is one mean, ole biker boy and he was probably chomping at the bit to release that bit of pertinent information to the press.


So Uncle Lenny is out to embarrass us again.  At least we can be assured that this time good ole Len has better hair!

Disney Characters In Jail

Sweet Jesus! Cinderella is in the slammer!! Snow White on the Lam!! It seems that Tink and her friends were protesteth too much at The Happiest Place on Earth!

Read More HERE

R. Kelly: The True Definition of Ewww…

He married Aaliyah Haughton when she was 15 years old.

He settled two lawsuits by two women who said he had sex with them when they were minors.

A third lawsuit by another woman accusing R. Kelly of forcing her to have an abortion after impregnating her when she was a teen-ager is still pending.

Can we all say P-R-E-D-A-T-O-R? Can we spell R K-E-L-L-Y?

I hope that intelligent people will realize that an “acquittal” does not mean innocent. It means there was reasonable doubt. And really good bottom feeders on your side.

According to the Chicago Tribune who interviewed the jurors after the R. Kelly Child Porn case, “At first it was 5 in favor of acquittal, 5 undecided and 2 guilty. It got as close as 7-5 in favor of acquittal before the majority was able to convince those leaning toward convicting the singer there was not enough evidence.”

After hearing from reporters the details of Kelly’s other lawsuits and obvious interest in the bobby sox set, one juror replied “All of us felt the grayness of the case,” a juror explained. That grayness is another word for “reasonable doubt.”

Oh give it a break! The case of the matter is that yet again another celebrity gets away with murder! Oops wrong celebrity. It is a common occurrence that Jurors across the country are sitting star struck while the most vile of criminals get acquittals.

But the jurors are not the only ones at fault here. Outside the courtroom gaggles of middle aged mommas were clamoring to touch the hand of the man that they could sell their daughter to. Yuck! Ignorance and Star Gazing go hand in hand.

I only hope that his penance will come in the form of plummeting record sales. I know many that can’t listen to a Michael Jackson song without getting the willies knowing that he and his little star gazing followers are yucking it up and thumbing their finger at the law. Kelly’s lawyers said that the true Robert was in the courtroom, thanking Jesus and spewing blubbery protestations.

Hey Kelly! Jesus had nothing to do with it pal. You will fall one day and the same Star Gazers that adore you now, with their innocent sacrificial daughters hands in tow, will be the only offal that will support you.