Out For A While But I Have Not Forgotten!


This has been a rough few months and I will be back soon with new musings and pretty much my general bitchy views.  There are so many wonderful things on my horizon and I am eager to share them all with you!



How’s That Name Change Working For Ya Macys?

willy-1We Midwesterners abhor change especially to our landmarks.  US Cellular Field is still Comiskey Park, The Macy’s Clock is still mentioned by the name Marshall Fields and now the unthinkable has happened.  Some obscure English Insurance company wants to change the Sears Tower to “Willis” Tower and are going through with it despite the uproar here in Chicago. 

Tell you what Willis why don’t you ask Macy’s how profitable their State Street store after they ripped the name Marshall Fields from the history books.  They will tell you they have suffered the worse shopping seasons since they did that. 

We Chicagoans think New Yorkers are foreign much less your Company Willis!  Don’t piss off a Midwesterner especially one with Chicago roots because your precious tower will be reduced to the Big Willy.