Go Away Dick


Great and we thought he finally went away.  Well, the “Big Dick” Cheney is back making the rounds trumping up his own perverted brand of wisdom and basically trying to scare John Q Public again.

Today on Politico.com he asserted that we would experience another WMD, Al Qaeda terrorist attempt at creating yet another catastrophic nuclear or biological attack! And all because this country is rejecting Bush Policy.  He also pontificates that “Protecting the country’s security is “a tough, mean, dirty, nasty business,”

Lets see…….  Under the leaky umbrella of Bush’s Policy, the rest world a) hated us b) wanted to destroy us c) cursed us and lit effigies on fire any chance they could and of course d) HATED US!  Because under Bush Policy it was okay to torture, imprison, start wars and drop bombs on weddings because we were being dirty, or tough or nasty.

I think we, and the world, has had enough of Bush’s well thought out policy and basically Big Dick needs to wheel himself off to write his memoirs that will be published right up there with OJs “If I Did It”.


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