King Blaggo??


Patti’s Honey-Do List

  • Get indicted on conspiracy to sell a Senatorial seat….   Check!
  • Deny everything, even though I am on tape….Check!
  • Go to the office for the first time in two years….Check!
  • Bring new political meaning to Bleeping Wrigley Field….Check!
  • Buy a puppy…..   Check!
  • Appoint a replacement for the Senate seat even though NO ONE in the Illinois Senate will seat my pick….Check!
  • Get measured for King’s outfit…..DOUBLE CHECK!!!

4 Responses

  1. * Keeping Illinois Politics a JOKE! Check!

  2. Wait – you’ll see – the tapes were taken out of context – you nkow right before the part we heard – he says “The last thing I would ever say is….”

    It’s an insult to our normal corrupt politicians to lump him in with them. Our normal corrupt politicians take some bribes, grant a few favors, get some goodies for themselves, get some goodies for their constituents. They stay in power by not going too far overboard and sharing with the people who vote them in. (Daley does a sneak atack on Miegs Field – pisses some people off, but we get a park type stuff.) Blago is just totally self-serving and delusional!!

  3. I like the outfit!

  4. I’m still waiting to see the political cartoon with Blago as either Eve or the evil queen from Snow White, offering an apple (the Senate seat) to Burris as Adam or Snow White! I haven’t seen the level of hubris coming from Blago since John Wayne Gacy was inviting the cops watching him into his house for coffee, or paying for their drive-thru as they tailed him. Burris is certainly wallowing in the wake of Blago’s hubris (seeing him or even raising him!); he is an old man and quite out of touch with whatever (pick something). Come to think of it, Blago is exhibiting many of the same sociopathic behaviors that Ted Bundy did. This guy is truly a sociopath, minus the murders!

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