Uncle Lenny is Outta the Basement Again!


Uncle Lenny has come out of the basement again!  You know Uncle Lenny?  He is the crazy relative that we all tried to hide out of sight but soon enough he shambles out of the basement in his wife beater t-shirt, drunk and embarrasses us all.


Well Governor Blagojevich is the State of Illinois’ Uncle Lenny.  Today he was arrested on numerous counts with the most obviously stupid one of trying to “sell” the senate seat vacated by Obama for supreme ass kissing and maybe a job or two thrown in for him and wifey.  See full report HERE


 Another charge is strong arming the Chicago Tribune to fire certain board members that disagreed with Blago and said nasty things about him.  Well, I do know Sam Zell, owner of the Tribune from working at Equity Properties and I find it hard to believe that he would be as “sensistive” to Blago’s innumerable smarmy charms as Rod-O believes. Sam is one mean, ole biker boy and he was probably chomping at the bit to release that bit of pertinent information to the press.


So Uncle Lenny is out to embarrass us again.  At least we can be assured that this time good ole Len has better hair!


5 Responses

  1. He had me fooled, but this guy is certifiable!

  2. He get’s this years Duh award

  3. John you can say that again! What a meglomaniac!

  4. It is the modern twist on old Macbeth saga. Except Lady Macbeth needs to wash her mouth out not her hands.

  5. bfiTEn Thanks for good post

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