Losing is Such A Tragedy!

Okay so I did not win. Me! A voracious read-ette who devours books with the speed of sound!

With great confidence I had signed up for the Summer Book Read-A-Thon – grownups version at my local library. You were to record how many books you read in a two month period and you could win fabulous giveaways such as a Library Logo pencil case or gasp! A deck of cards with the Saint Charles fox logo printed right on the pack! Sigh…. What I would not have given to have that!!

Well, I was beaten by 2 books! Two lousy books!!! The woman that won probably only read 96 page odes to Scrapbooking while “I” finished and can brain retain all of the JD Robb Eve Dallas Novels plus a few Linda Lael Millers, Stephen Kings and Linda Hamiltons thrown in for good measure. 37 to 35!

Well I am planning my strategy for next year now. I am going to hunt down “Ms. fancy pants 37 books in 2 months” and steal her library card. That outta do it!


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  1. Too funny! Reading 35 books in such a short period of time is impressive, however. I keep telling myself that I want to read more books but never get around to it. I do not know what happened, I used to read until all hours of the night in order to finish a book……

  2. The pencil case would have made a nice decoration for the kitchen..

    Dont worry, when you find out who it is let me know and I will make sure you get your prize back!

  3. I am a bitter bitter woman!!

  4. Sorry so to hear about your losing.
    debbie & Mary Better luck next time.

  5. My condolences. I have some Cliff Notes you could use.

  6. Wahhhh…. sniff sniff…..

  7. When I was kid the library had a summer reading rewards program where you got prizes (pizza vouchers, pencils, stickers,etc) for reading books. At 5 you got a prize, 10, 15, 20, etc. There was this form your parents signed off on and you turned in. But there were only so many spaces to fill and I very quickly completed it and started a new one. I filled up so many that they stopped giving me prizes and I just got to fill them up for the satisfaction of having read more books then anyone else…
    I didn’t get the pencil case either as it goes, but the satisfaction and knowledge gained are still the best prizes I could have ever received.

  8. My niece is dressing up as Fancy Nancy–there’s a good collection of books to read to take down Ms. Fancy Pants 37 Books.

    As for me, I think I can only go through maybe one book in two months, but we’re talking about those thick, 1000-page history books like Taylor Branch’s At Canan’s End, or An Army at Dawn by Rick Atkinson.

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