Loss: His Constant Companion

The family of Senator Edward M. Kennedy announced that he has a malignant brain tumor the other day and my heart bled for his family. All politics aside, this man first and foremost loves his family. In 1968, at the age of 36 he took over the role of surrogate father to his slain brothers 13 children. He never missed a communion, a graduation, or a wedding. And he sadly presided over the funerals of not only his brothers but of his nephews. David A Kennedy, Michael Kennedy and John F. Kennedy, Jr. He held the hands of his sisters and sister in laws as they faced their tragedies.

To hear Caroline Kennedy speak of her Uncle Ted, you get a glimpse into the heart of the man not the politician. She said that no matter where they all were in their respective lives, their Uncle was there for all of them every step of the way. He guided them and loved them unconditionally.

The Senator once responded to a reporter’s question on how he lives with so many heartbreaking tragedies in his life that are almost as if “Loss were his constant companion” and he stated “You try to live with the upsides of life and muffle down the sadness”

Now it is his extended family’s turn to be there for him every step of the way.


3 Responses

  1. I feel for him and his family. This is the same kind of tumor Mom had, it’s difficult.

  2. I think with the support of his huge family they will get through as we all did with Theresa. I know that it will live a huge hole in their hearts just like us. And that is sad.

  3. I rarely agree with his politics, but I always respect where they come from, and he has been a lion and done some great things. Truly a tragedy that deserves our prayers.

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