Bad Girl, Bad Girl,Whatcha Gonna Do?

Colleen Long, reporter for Associated Press stated in the March 15th paper that “The lawyer for the call girl linked to the downfall of Gov. Eliot Spitzer lashed out at the media on Friday for thrusting the 22-year-old woman into the “public glare” without her consent and publishing revealing photos.”

Okayeee… Since I am a mother of twenty-somethings, I feel the need to let little Kristen know that once you got the pictures out there honey you better be real prepared to live your life in the public microscope or just not have photos like that taken. And also sweetie, when you sign up to be a $1,000/hr call girl, figure in the factor that you just might be at the middle of an ugly sex scandal because the rich and powerful have equally as rich and powerful enemies.
My predictions for this girl? If she plays her hand of cards right, she could get a record deal (think Britney Spears with less clothes on) or a quick scandal tell-all but in her chosen line of business she better be equally prepared for the IRS man to come knocking on her door.

3 Responses

  1. Damn I looked for the revealing pic and didn’t find a thing. That said if they used her image without permission then she has a case or? I think it is unlikely she’ll get a big deal but maybe some little indie label will pick her up – more likely she gets a book/movie deal. I think it is ridiculous to have the media have much to say about her – after all – she is a call girl she makes no misrepresentation of her intent. He on the other hand – what a schmuck.

  2. I think it was $4000-5000/hr. She won’t make any money off of me. I don’t need a hooker. I don’t want to read her book or listen to her sing. And i really don’t have any sympathy for her.

  3. It is amusing that when someone is caught in such a comprimising position, they will use any excuse to make themselves look good. She must have known that this would not turn well. What I am incensed is that when smucks like this get caught they parade the wifey out for the sympathy vote.

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