The Daughter In Law

There is a beautiful poem by anoymous that describes the love a mother has for her daughter in law. I don’t understand why so many women out in the world do not like their daughter in laws and can be so confrontational. I hope that I am a good mother in law to Laura who I cherish deeply.

Daughters-in-law are our grandchildren’s mothers.
As such, they carry our fortunes downstream.
Under their guidance, our hopes become others’,
Giving their force to a much larger dream.
How lucky we are to have you for the carer
That nurtures the hearts of our hearts, that they may
Each be a lover, a giver and sharer,
Remaking the world in their image each day.
So do we all, like streams from the mountains,
In time become joined in the souls we have made,
Now mingled forever, eternal companions,
Linked by our love in a bond that won’t fade.
As you in your noontime your work of love do,
We watch from the hillside, grateful for you.

3 Responses

  1. Hello Chooch: Beautiful daughter-in-law, and what a cute little grandchild you have! I’m sure you are going to be a great mother-in-law who will certainly love and cherish your daughter-in-law and your grandchild.

    However, it is a well known scientific fact that grandparents will drive their daughter-in-laws crazy with the complete spoiling of their grandchildren. If works like this. You take your grandchild out for a day of fun, which will include going into a store for something. The grandchild will want a toy, a snack, an ice cream cone. You give the grandchild the toy, the snack, the ice cream cone. Positive reinforcement! The grandchild will keep asking grandma for more goodies when you both go to a store, and grandma will keep giving more goodies to the grandchild! This information comes back to the daughter-in-law, at which the daughter-in-law throws up her hands and screams, “No wonder my kid is so spoiled–Grandma always buys him/her everything!” This type of behavior has probably been going on since the caveman days, when caveman grandparents gave their caveman grandchildren more rocks, sticks, and bones than their caveman daughter-in-laws wanted them too. And the tradition is passed on, from grandmother, to daughter, to granddaughter. From grandfather, to father, and to son, through time itself until today. And it is still being passed on through generations. It is a tradition that certainly goes on in my house, where my own mother has spoiled her grandchild with toys, while my sister-in-law complains that her daughter has too many toys–they are overflowing out of her closet! You can not be cured of this affliction.

    And when your daughter-in-law becomes a grandmother, you can bet your retirement account that when she becomes a grandmother, she will drive her daughter-in-law crazy by spoiling her grandchild.

    The love just goes around and around.

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