One More Day

The holiday season is in full swing and so are the heart-tugging Hallmark movies and Folgers coffee commercials that have me with my legs pulled up to my chest with arms wrapped around my knees and the tears streaming down my face.

Mitch Albom has a new novel out called One More Day and is the author of Tuesdays with Morrie and my favorite 5 People You Meet in Heaven. His novels can make you cry with every page you turn. So when you open one his books, make sure you have a supply of Kleenex at your side.

Which brings me to the thought of One More Day. What if we had one more day with someone who is now gone. Just one 24 hour period where we could say the things that we always wanted to say but never had the chance because this person we loved was taken suddenly or we felt that we had more time.

I have a few that I would like to share. And I hope that this post will inspire you to write about your own “One More Day”.

Bonnie my lovely best friend. If I had one more day with you I would apologize for being angry at you for continuing to want to ruin your life with cocaine. Even though I understand that you were dying of a blood disorder and felt a sense of “what the hell”, I just wish I had answered your call. I would want to tell you that I loved you from the day I met you. You brought fun and joy into my life and I learned the true meaning of the word loyalty. I miss you every day and sometimes when something happens in my life that seems a bit on the stupid side, I swear I hear your laugh. I know you are watching me from wherever you are and the memory of you will always be with me.

Daniel, my vibrant, talented musicman. If I had one more day with you, I would have told you that if I had known that you were slipping out of our lives, I would have broken your door down that Tuesday and forced you to come with me to Dr. Ganger. Instead of thinking you were avoiding me, I would have banished that thought and I would have brought you to my home and taken care of you. I would have told you that even through all the pain and anger that I did love you and always wanted the best. And I would have fought harder for you. I would have ignored your anger at me and broken through your defenses and stood by you. I would apologize for not being tougher. But I would also say that your music always brought me joy. That I remember you anytime I hear the blues and I can close my eyes and see you today. That I believe you are in heaven playing your music and enjoying peace. If I had one more day with you, I would record one last song with you and harmonized our lives one last time. You were the most complicated man I ever knew and I will always have love in my heart for you.

Tell those in your life that you love them. Apologize for any wrong you have done. If you can’t talk to them reflect that they once had a impact in your life, forgive and accept them for who they are because tomorrow you may find yourself asking for one more day.


5 Responses

  1. I love the idea of one more day… Its quite an emotional thought but it helps to let go of any negative feels. x

  2. I would like one more day with my great grandma. I idolized the woman, and although I think she knew how much I appreciated her, I would love the chance to tell her just how special she was. It’s a little sad to think about one more day, because it is just a dream and you can’t really have it.

  3. But oh if you could have that dream John. What a joy that would be!

    And Thanks Elise for stopping by! I always have hated woulda,shoula, coulda’s.

  4. One more day would just make it harder to let go of the people you love.

    I would like to have the day back last year, while my Uncle was dying and could possibly still be alive if someone had gotten him help. He died alone and probably a long scary death without anyone around to help him during his time of passing.

    I think it’s best to let go and just remember the good times.

  5. I have let go but it would be so nice to have one more day. Too often we feel that there is more time. Reading this book helped me to say “hey I appreciate this….” or whatever you can say to make a day more brighter. The neat thing is that I truly belive that those that have gone before are watching and seeing the love in our hearts and are having a chuckle or two.

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