Out For A While But I Have Not Forgotten!


This has been a rough few months and I will be back soon with new musings and pretty much my general bitchy views.  There are so many wonderful things on my horizon and I am eager to share them all with you!



Uncle Marty, Cartoonist Dies

My sweet Uncle, Marty Murphy passed away Thursday, August 27, 2009 at his home in Los Angeles, CA. 

My family and I will always have fond memories of him and will miss him deeply.


To read my other story about my favorite Uncle, please read Rubbed at The Edges

How’s That Name Change Working For Ya Macys?

willy-1We Midwesterners abhor change especially to our landmarks.  US Cellular Field is still Comiskey Park, The Macy’s Clock is still mentioned by the name Marshall Fields and now the unthinkable has happened.  Some obscure English Insurance company wants to change the Sears Tower to “Willis” Tower and are going through with it despite the uproar here in Chicago. 

Tell you what Willis why don’t you ask Macy’s how profitable their State Street store after they ripped the name Marshall Fields from the history books.  They will tell you they have suffered the worse shopping seasons since they did that. 

We Chicagoans think New Yorkers are foreign much less your Company Willis!  Don’t piss off a Midwesterner especially one with Chicago roots because your precious tower will be reduced to the Big Willy.

Go Away Dick


Great and we thought he finally went away.  Well, the “Big Dick” Cheney is back making the rounds trumping up his own perverted brand of wisdom and basically trying to scare John Q Public again.

Today on Politico.com he asserted that we would experience another WMD, Al Qaeda terrorist attempt at creating yet another catastrophic nuclear or biological attack! And all because this country is rejecting Bush Policy.  He also pontificates that “Protecting the country’s security is “a tough, mean, dirty, nasty business,”

Lets see…….  Under the leaky umbrella of Bush’s Policy, the rest world a) hated us b) wanted to destroy us c) cursed us and lit effigies on fire any chance they could and of course d) HATED US!  Because under Bush Policy it was okay to torture, imprison, start wars and drop bombs on weddings because we were being dirty, or tough or nasty.

I think we, and the world, has had enough of Bush’s well thought out policy and basically Big Dick needs to wheel himself off to write his memoirs that will be published right up there with OJs “If I Did It”.

King Blaggo??


Patti’s Honey-Do List

  • Get indicted on conspiracy to sell a Senatorial seat….   Check!
  • Deny everything, even though I am on tape….Check!
  • Go to the office for the first time in two years….Check!
  • Bring new political meaning to Bleeping Wrigley Field….Check!
  • Buy a puppy…..   Check!
  • Appoint a replacement for the Senate seat even though NO ONE in the Illinois Senate will seat my pick….Check!
  • Get measured for King’s outfit…..DOUBLE CHECK!!!

Christmas Love



You know there are some businesses that never close.  Hospitals, Public Works, Police and other service orientated companies.  Such was the case one Christmas Eve, 1988. 

I was working at Marionjoy Rehabilitation Center in Wheaton Illinois when the luck of the draw had me working Christmas Eve.  Usually, Marionjoy’s Pharmacy closed at 6pm but this night my boss and I were working on some unusual compounds and had to stay.  Needless to say I was not happy about this.  One hour dissolved into two hours and still I was at the Pharmacy.  I wanted to get home to my kids, I wanted to see them open presents and I actually wanted to have some Oyster Stew at my parents but I was missing it all. 

At 8pm my Boss said to make one more round through the hospital and I could go home.  Why bother?  Everything was ruined.  I missed all the fun. Big deal I could home – yeah me… 

Making my rounds, nursing my annoyed feelings, I entered the second floor.  The halls were quiet but I could hear muffled sounds of the nursing staff celebrating a Christmas Eve party.  Great! I thought.  I get a cold sandwich, they get canapés and EggNog. Hmmmph…. 

Turning to go back to the elevator after filling the drug cart, I heard a sound that I thought was Hi! Whipping my head around, I spied a little toddler girl in a playpen.  Standing there smiling at me was one of our latest arrivals from Marklund Children’s Home.  This little girl called Kathryn was severely brain injured at the hands of her Mother and was rehabilitating at the Center. 

Well, I could not turn away so I approached the playpen and she held her arms up to me.  I bent and picked her up, careful to not dislodge her feeding tube and found a rocker where I could sit with her.  I had planned to only spend a few moments until the nurses noticed she was still in her playpen, but I found myself talking to her. 

I spoke to that little girl for what seemed like hours. I rocked and sang a carol or two. After quite a while, I felt a nudge on my shoulder.  A nurse stood smiling and whispered, “I’ll take her now”.  I realized I had fallen asleep with Kathryn in my arms.  I glanced at my watch and saw that it was 11:30pm!  I had rocked myself to sleep with this precious child in my arms. The nurse said I looked so peaceful she did not want to wake me but little Kathryn needed her crib.  3 ½ hours I was with this sweet child.  And in those hours I forgot my annoyance, my selfish irritation and found a sense of peace that sometimes is rarely felt in the fast, fast world. 

Walking to my car, I realized that I had just been given the greatest gift from the most unusual place.  A little girl, wounded beyond comprehension, taught me what the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas isn’t about EggNog or presents or the occasional party.  It is about a small child that brings you love when you least expect it. 

Love, Peace and Serenity to you and your family.

And the Political Penguins Start To March


John Harris, Blaggo’s Chief of Staff resigned this morning, his lawyer said.  Harris dropped off his letter of resignation today in person and will not be going back to the office, according to his lawyer, Terry Ekl.

The body exit is a bit like the March of the Penguins but in that respect, I think Penguins are nicer and probably more honest…. 

So Jesse Jr??  When are you going to defect?